Lyöfeeling is a line of freeze-dried food (products and ready meals) with the hallmark of high cuisine chefs, but created to satisfy the needs of the general public.

In some circumstances, we all may need a meal that is handy, fast and healthy, without compromising high quality and exceptional taste.

Our aim is to solve the problem of having to eat out, occasionally, with quality products within the range of specialised food.

Pere Castells article “Liofilizados, ¿alimentos del futuro?“: (PDF)

As an innovative offer, we are introducing special freeze-dried meal in the range of gastronomic gifts.

A gourmet ready freeze-dried meal as a present or as a special treat? Why not?

Lyöfeeling takes care of the special eating needs of athletes, adventure travellers and the general public who run away from poor quality of ready meals and snacks, but also of the professional who wishes to have a healthy lunch at work, or a simple snack, without sacrificing a superior taste and, thus, a great pleasure.

It is all about people who demand enjoying a good fast food (take-away), with a good taste and, at the same time, a well balance nutritional content.

We are also official international distributors of the Catalan brand “COOLVACUUM” and have the exclusivity for the catering industry supply. We aim at providing freeze-driers and devices with the appropriate technical characteristics, size and pricing so that restaurants, cocktail bars, pastries and catering schools can make their own freeze-dried or lyophilised products.

This year, we have initiated a cooperation with the FUNDACIÓ NAVEGACIÓ OCEÀNICA BARCELONA (FNOB), , that will make our freeze-dried high-end line of products to be included in the daily menu of the skipper DÍDAC COSTA, He will soon start a new adventure taking part in the legendary extreme regatta, VENDÉE GLOBE (,or, in plain words, a sailing journey around the world, on his own, with no stops and no assistance..

Participants in these types of regattas require a diet that can only be defined as EXCEPTIONAL, and this is exactly what our freeze-dried products are.

For the very first time, the skipper has something to say about its own food anddiet. With him and with a team of Michelin star chefs lead by Pere Planagumàin the kitchen and Pere Castells on the technical side, we are designing the most delicious and complete meals from all points of view, including the nutritional, so that Dídac’s experience on the high seas can be a total success.