Research and Development

Gastrocultura Mediterránea actively contributes to the new technologies applied to gastronomy.


Joint venture with RIG-Robots in Gastronomy: 3D food printing


It is in this framework that we wanted to collaborate with the engineer Luis Fraguada, from RIG-Robots in Gastronomy in the development of the 3D FOODFORM printer, designed by himself and his team, and its applications in gastronomy.

3D Printing or cooking our dishes is no longer a future prediction. It is in motion. It is an avant-garde technique that has came true thanks to the team work of IT professionals, researchers and chefs from all over the world. On a working session in our Lab, Luis Fraguada combined 2 different technologies, 3D printing with the FOODFORM and our quick-freeze cook top Anti-Griddle from PolyScience (exclusively distributed in Spain by Gastrocultura), to make an ice-cream that was, at the same time, natural and healthy, as well as easy to handle and eat. The spectacular result can be appreciated in these photos.


This is just a sample of the commitment of our company to support the scientific-technical development of gastronomy in the 21st Century.