Our complete collection is available to the gastronomy professionals and catering students, more than 700 gastronomy titles, conveniently organised in  sections covering, a wide range of interests and training. Among others, you will find:

–       Spanish Chefs and Restaurants
–       International Chefs and Restaurants
–       Chocolate and Pastry
–       Molecular Cuisine and Scientific Texts
–       Cocktails, enology, water and coffee
–       Gastronomy Design and Literature
–       elBulli – Albert and Ferran Adrià
–       Asian Gastronomy
–       Spanish Gastronomy
–       French/Italian Gastronomy
–       International Gastronomy
–       Ingredients and Healthy Cooking
–       Manuals, dictionaries and Gastronomic Guides
–       Equipment and Techniques

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Contact Marcela on– Tel. 934239580 , or at mv@gastroculturamediterranea.com