It is a complete line of products to transform traditional recipes into appealing dishes for people with special eating needs.

At least once in our life, nearly of all us may need to follow a soft diet, due to our age, an illness that may affect our normal swallowing capacity or, simply, due to a dental problem.

Besides, the speed of population aging is growing so fast that, by 2040 there will be more elders than children in Europe. It is an unquestionable fact that soft diet will become, more and more, part of our normal diet.

Our work started in Germany with the project “OptiMahl”, promoted by Hampp Media GmbH and Culinaris Catering, with the support and collaboration of Wohlfahrtswerk Baden-Württemberg (state elderly homes organisation).

What do we do?
We conduct a research project in Germany that study the benefits on the diet of patients with neurodegenerative diseases, fed with meals prepared with thickening and gelling ingredients, such as Mëticel, Xanthän or Xanthän Instant, from Töufood.

A team of chefs and doctors from both countries Germany and Spain are developing a complete and varied recipe book that will be launch soon, as a book and App, for the first 400 elderly care homes taken part in this project.

Pere Castells, article “Soft Textures: from high cuisine to care homes“: (PDF)

Please, download here our Töufood brochure.

If you are interested in receiving all the recipes and the complete brochure, please contact us. 934.23.95.80 | info@gastroculturamediterranea.com.

It is imperative to change the way we look at these types of meals and make them as appetising and yummy as possible.

High gastronomy restaurants have been pioneers in demonstrating how bland diet meals can be extraordinary appetising.

Elderly patients diet can be very limited sometimes and this can cause loss of appetite, resulting in health problems associated with poor nutrition.

The whole idea is to completely transform traditional dishes, using TÖUFOOD products as texturisers, changing the consistency of food and adapting it to every need.

Like this, ingredients such as fruits and vegetables will turn into delicious foams, cold or warm jellies, creams or “spherifications” (liquid-filled balls, jellied outside).

They are all preparations taken from high cuisine and, therefore, a pleasant taste is guaranteed.

Meals cooked this way have the same appearance than normal food (shape is obtained with simple molds) and have the SAME ENERGY AND NUTRITIONAL VALUES, but with a HALLMARK in the world of gastronomy.

At last, patients who must follow a bland diet will have access to a variety of options and will be able to eat, more or less, everything.

It will no longer be necessary to prepare a special meal in Nursing Homes or Hospitals or, simply, for people who need to follow a bland diet for a while. TÖUFOOD is the result of a long experience acquired in High Cuisine and it PROVIDES ATTRACTIVE AND NUTRITIONALLY ADAPTED TEXTURES TO SATISFY ALL TYPE OF PATIENTS.

Azuleta Panna Cotta

Cod with saffron sauce

Deer with Brussels sprouts

Jelly beans with red cabbage