Basic Course of Dehydration and Liofilization

Basic Course of Dehydration and Liofilization

  • Posted by Gastrocultura
  • On January 10, 2017

MONDAY, 20th MARCH 2017

  • Scientific and practical difference between both processes, and the most current devices available for professionals: Ezidri FD 1000 and Coolvacuum LyoCook.
  • Organoleptic characteristics of dehydrated and freeze-dried foods.
  • Textures, conservation, traditional and cutting-edge applications of dehydrated and freeze-dried foods.
  • The purpose of dehydrated and freeze-dried foods: an integral and fundamental part of recipes or as accessory and decorative elements, and to use perishable ingredients.
  • Environmental impact and sustainability of the dehydration and lyophilisation process, with the equipment currently in the market.
  • Traditional and high cuisine recipes and freeze-drying (“Vendée Globe” experience – a sailing journey around the world, alone).

Teachers: Pere Castells and Pere Planagumà.

  • Date: 20th March, MONDAY.
  • Time: 16:00-19:00 h.
  • Price: 90,00€ + IVA.
  • Where: Gastrocultura Mediterránea, in Príncep Jordi street, 1 – 5, Barcelona 08014.
  • Course Manual & Attendance Diploma.
  • Class Size: Max. 12 PAX.


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